Sacramento Probate Attorney

Probate is a complex process that involves arranging the final affairs after an individual passes on. This includes administering the estate, resolving creditor claims against the estate and distributing the individual's assets according to a will or the laws of intestate succession.

Beneficiary Rights

At the Cornerstone Estate Law Corporation, we can work toward a positive resolution when a probate dispute arises between heirs. We provide strong representation in situations where an executor or trustee is under question for possibly withholding information or improperly executing a will or trust instrument.

At the Cornerstone Estate Law Corporation, we offer skilled representation in this complicated area of law. We can represent heirs, or trustees or executors when disputes arise.

Trust Litigation Attorney

An heir can sue a trustee or executor for breach of fiduciary duty if the heir feels the trustee or executor is acting improperly. We can work to resolve probate disputes between heirs, and executors or trustees in several situations, which can include:

•· A trustee charging unreasonable fees

•· A trustee stealing money

•· Assets not being listed in the estate

Will Challenges

A dispute over the validity of a will can arise if there is any question a person was coerced into signing a will or was not of sound mind or body when he or she signed the document. We can guide clients at the Cornerstone Estate Law Corporation through will challenges involving questions of undue influence and validity.

There can be significant losses to the estate, or the beneficiary may not get what he or she wanted if probate issues are not carefully handled. We can help beneficiaries, and executors or trustees resolve probate challenges at the Cornerstone Estate Law Corporation.

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